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We use the best method for delivery so as to make sure you receive the fish in good health and also on time.


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Our Chili Red Arowana Fishes are exceptionally attractive and visually appealing. We source them from rare places and provide them at an affordable price. These vibrant super red Arowana are distinguished by their unique bright red color, which adds a stunning visual effect to aquariums and pools.

These fast-moving Arowanas draw attention due to their large jaws, which are the main point of interest when they are at rest. Our customers can purchase these cold Arowanas at a very reasonable price range in the market.

We offer Banjar Arowana for sale and promote it online to provide people with the opportunity to do research before visiting our farm. Doing this business for a long time now and we will keep doing cos we can’t do without it.

Arowana Freshwater Fish

Our clients can now purchase these cold-colored Arowanas at an economical cost in the market. These fish feature a big mouth that is the focal point when they breathe.

We use the best method to deliver chili red arowana Malaysia to make sure you receive the fish in health.

We also offer a wide range of other species of Arowanas such as Super Red Arowana, Chili Red Arowana. Our team of experts is highly experienced and they make sure that the fish are handled with utmost care throughout the entire process.

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We advertise Banjar Arowana Arowana online to give people the opportunity to research before making a purchase. As such, we guarantee that the Arowanas we sell are of the highest quality and health standards.

We also ensure that our products are reasonably priced so that our customers can enjoy the best value.

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