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We use the best method for delivery so as to make sure you receive the fish in good health and also on time.

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Buy fresh Chili Red Arowana

Our Chili Red Arowana Fishes are really attractive and visually appealing. We source them from rare places and provide them at an affordable price. These fast-moving Arowanas draw attention due to their large jaws, which are the main point of interest when they are at rest. Our customers can purchase these cold Arowanas at a very reasonable price range in the market.

We sell Banjar Arowana and advertise it online so people can research it before coming to our farm. Doing this business for a long time now and we will keep doing cos we can’t do without it.

Arowana Freshwater Fish

Our clients can now purchase these cold-colored Arowanas at an economical cost in the market. These fish feature a big mouth that is the focal point when they breathe.

We use the best method to deliver chili red arowana Malaysia to make sure you receive the fish in health.

We have many types of Arowanas, like Super Red Arowana and chili Red Arowana. Our highly experienced team of experts ensures that they handle the fish with utmost care throughout.

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We advertise Banjar Arowana Arowana online to give people the opportunity to research before making a purchase. As such, we guarantee that the Arowanas we sell are of the highest quality and health standards.


Buy Asian Red Arowana US

Apart from blood red we also have golden arowana and silver arowana available for sale. Those fish can fix your Aquarium beautifully. Buy more fish from our farm to enhance the beauty of your Aquarium.

In Malaysia, there are two famous lakes, Bukit Merah Lake and Tasik Kenyir Lake, known for their many Arowanas. Our team takes great pride in the care and handling of our fish. When they come to our place, we make sure they have the best conditions for their health and happiness.

Our experts closely monitor the water quality, temperature, and nutrition to ensure that the Buy Chili Red Arowana thrive in their environment.

Buyers must research and make an informed choice when purchasing our Banjar Arowana online. We provide detailed information about each fish, including its origin, size, and unique characteristics. This allows our customers to choose the perfect Arowana that suits their preferences and requirements.

Our Quality

Rest assured, when you purchase an Arowana from us, you are getting a fish of the highest quality. We only sell the healthiest and most vibrant Arowanas because we have strict standards in place. Our team conducts regular health checks and quarantine procedures to prevent any potential diseases or infections.

In addition to the popular blood red Arowanas, we also offer golden and silver varieties. These stunning fish can add a touch of elegance and beauty to any aquarium. Our farm has many Arowanas for fish lovers, whether experienced or new. We have different types to suit all tastes and budgets.

If you’re in Malaysia, you may be familiar with the renowned Bukit Merah Lake and Tasik Kenyir Lake. These lakes attract fish because of their abundance of Arowanas. We get our Arowanas from good lakes to make sure they are of the best quality and real.

Looking to make your aquarium beautiful or add a special fish? Our farm has the perfect Arowana for you. With our team’s expertise and commitment to quality, you can trust that you are getting the best fish for your investment.

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Fish size

4-6 inch=$220, 8-10 inch=$400, 12-14 inch=$620, 16-18 inch=$870

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