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With its full red blades in any event, when youthful and red lips and barbels, no specialists will have the option to oppose them.

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Arowana super red price

Arowana super red price is likewise one of the more prominent fish among Asian Arowanas. To a great extent on account of their promising shading. With its full red balances in any event, when youthful and red lips and barbels, no specialists will reject it.

have the option to oppose the compulsion to claim one of them.

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The proprietor accepts that it will bring success and riches. Only a few types of Red Arowanas exist: Blood Red, Chili Red, Orange Red, and Moon rock. Recently, we gathered Chili Red, Blood Red, Orange Red, and Moon Rock and named them Super Red.

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Similarly, Arowana red for sale is particularly popular among well-known fish because of their attractive coloration. Their vibrant red fins, even at a young age, along with red lips and barbels, make them irresistible to experts.

Only a few types of Red Arowanas exist, such as Blood Red, Chili Red, Orange Red, and Golden Red.

How we care for Red Arowana

Red Arowana fish are stunningly beautiful, so we’ve chosen to give them special treatment. We understand the importance of providing the best care for our Red Arowana fish so we don’t joke. Their shiny beauty deserves nothing less than proper care for those red Arowana fish for sale. To ensure their well-being, we have implemented an extra care routine.

Maintaining the water quality is crucial so we always make sure we take our time. Red Arowanas thrive in clean and well-filtered water. We regularly monitor the pH levels and temperature to create an optimal environment for the Red Arowanas. Additionally, we perform regular water changes to keep the water fresh and free from any harmful things.

Feeding Arowana

Feeding our Red Arowanas is another aspect we take extremely seriously. These magnificent creatures have a voracious appetite, and we make sure to provide them with a balanced diet. Their primary food consists of high-quality pellets specifically formulated for Arowanas. We also supplement their diet with live or frozen foods such as shrimp, worms, and small fish to mimic their natural feeding habits.

Creating a suitable habitat is essential for the overall well-being of our Red Arowanas. We have carefully designed their tanks to resemble their natural environment. The tanks are spacious, allowing them to swim freely and exhibit their graceful movements. We give them lots of places to hide and plants to make them feel safe, like in their natural home.

Regular monitoring of their health is a top priority. We closely observe their behavior, appetite, and physical appearance to detect any signs of illness or distress.

Furthermore, we believe in promoting responsible ownership of Red Arowanas. These fish require a significant commitment, and we educate potential owners about their specific needs and care requirements. We stress the need for a good environment and food to keep their bright colors and overall health.

In conclusion, our dedication to the care of Red Arowana fish is unwavering. We strive to create an environment that allows them to thrive and showcase their mesmerizing beauty.



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3 inches=$100, 4-6 inch=$250, 8-10 inch=$380, 12-14 inch=$590, 16-18 inch=$850