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In the event that a fish how to swim isn’t peaceful and his eyes continually looking down, you can wager the fish.

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Buy Super Red Arowana and discover Step by step instructions to Distinguish Banjar Red Arowana and Golden Red. A separate Banjar red Arowana, brilliant red, and too red will be talked about in the next article.  It is proposed that when you are going to get one of the three kinds of Arowana, Always prepare.

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Arowana fish for sale is a very special type that many people will love to keep because of its beauty. The reason you always search for Arowana for sale near me is that you need it. Buy Arowana near me because you are avoiding to spent more on transportation, we all want the best.

  • Super Red Arowana

Fish that ought to effortlessly have a size of 10 cm and make it simpler to recognize. Golden Arowana fish Red and Super Red which has a size of 15 cm beneath the market.  It enables the dealer to call Banjar Red Arowana to call it by the name of Golden Red or Super Red Class.

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Red Arowana for sale

The fact that you are typing red Arowana for sale on google and start looking for the best doesn’t mean you are ready. In recent times we have noticed that people who love Asian Arowana will always check on Asian Arowana for sale Australia.  Arowana lovers will always type red Arowana for buy on search engines like bing and others.

 Banjar Red Arowana

Banjar Red Arowana has a greenish-yellow shading on the body and red on the balance. When purchasing Arowana Banjar Red in the eyes, Arowana types are inclined to crossed eyes. In the event that a fish’s how to swim isn’t peaceful and his eyes continually look down, you can wager. The Arowana Banjar red Arowana incorporates is having a decent appearance.

Red Arowana fish

We are here to give you just the best, Arowana home has different species of Arowana for sale at a very cheap rate.

Asian Red Arowana


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4-6 inch=$220, 8-10 inch=$400, 12-14 inch=$620, 16-18 inch=$870

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  1. Jerry B.

    This Red Arowana is very precious and lovely,i just want to say thanks to Mr Brian for assisting me in bringing my Arowana home safely 🙂

  2. Mary Guil

    My mother just bought Silver arowana here and i love it!

  3. Patrick Nash

    How long will it take to ship to Australia?

  4. Ndabi James

    I just order Mine from Chicago,IL and am sure in 6 days time i will receive it cos that’s how it happen when i first ordered

  5. Ndabi James

    This guys are really doing a great job here,i was expecting my fish in 6 days but today is still number 5 days and they are here already,big thanks!!!!!!

  6. Eduardo Vielmas

    I want to order on 1st Aug….How do I pay?

  7. Chinh Trung Nguyen

    Can this Super Red Arowana ship to California/USA?
    If Yes, How long?
    Please let me know.

  8. Phu tran

    Can this Super Red Arowana ship to Massachusetts /United
    If Yes, How long?
    Please let me know.

  9. Dung

    I ordered mine and it arrived sound and safe,thanks a lot. 🙂

  10. Dung (verified owner)

    Feel free to buy any fish from this site. He is legit

  11. leon chueng

    Can this Golden Arowana Fish ship to Washington/USA?
    If Yes, How long? from I Kwon is illegal? and by the way where you shipping from ???
    Please let me know.

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