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Red Arowana fish has a few assortments of freshwater fish with good Price in sizes,place your order now for more.

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Buy red Asian Arowana US

A variety of freshwater fish from the Scleropages family is available from Buy Asian Red Arowana. It is important to ensure the aquarium has a secure, tightly-fitted lid that is extremely durable.

Asian Arowana for sale at a very cheap rate, we offer the best quality Asian dragon fish for you. The Asian arowana size is very normal which makes most people love Asian Arrowana.

The Red Asian Arowana is an energetic fish. It has the capability to jump high enough to break a large glass aquarium lid.

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Tank mates and silver Arowana are also a black market for those who know. In the united states, a larger tank is used for endangered species act like chili red.

The tank size of expensive aquarium fish from southeast Asia makes international trade easy. The status symbol of Arowana lives, Emily voigt,Scleropages formosus.

We have extensive experience with this particular species, and we guarantee that our product is of the highest quality. The deal is to try not just to read and stay quiet because the Asian arowana price for sale is cheap.

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Know more about Asian Arowana

The Asian Arowana cannot live in waters of low quality. To maintain low nitrate levels, careful filtration and frequent water changes of 25% or more must be done.

The red Arowana fish is a desired species for aquariums. To purchase it in the United States, it’s best to contact the appropriate sellers. The purchase of the red Arowana is easy and the cost is not something to be concerned about.

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4-6 inch=$250, 8-10 inch=$390

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  1. Brenda Gorry

    I need a male because the one I purchase before is female, i want to try breeding them.

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