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Golden Head Arowana has large wings like pectoral fins,they are very nice looking fish that everyone will love

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The Gold Head Arowana fish

The buy Gold Head Arowana has distinctive, large wing-like pectoral fins. The fish is comparable to Asian Arowana, apart from its paler color and smaller size. It usually grows to a length of 90 centimeters (35 inches) and has a maximum recorded weight of 17.2 kg (38 lb.), though it is said to be capable of weighing even more.

For many years, we have been providing customers with guidance and information regarding the Gold head Arowana when selling them. This breed is a popular choice amongst customers, therefore, it is always available in our fish farm. We take measures to ensure the fish is placed in a freshwater tank, as this is the type of water it is most adapted to.

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The cost listed does not include shipping, but more details can be found upon checkout. Buyers can select and add the item to their cart, then proceed to the checkout page for further information. We understand the needs of our customers, so we are also offering fish tanks for sale to those who are interested.

At our fish farm, we guarantee the quality of the Gold head Arowana that we sell. We have an experienced team of professionals who carefully monitor the fish to ensure they are in the best condition.

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We also provide customers with detailed instructions on how to take care of their fish, such as what temperature. There is a temperature to maintain the tank and what type of food to provide. Customers can also contact us with any questions or concerns about the Arowana.  Our team will be happy to provide them with the necessary assistance o help them know details.

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4-6 inch=$270, 8-10 inch=$400, 12-14 inch=$620, 16-18 inch=$870

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  1. Sarah G.

    I ordered a fish here and they ship exactly what I was expecting,thanks to Arowana home 🙂

  2. Darshan

    I need arwana golden pal baby

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