Know more about Who we are

Arowana Home is a group of farmers that came together to form a fish company. We specialized in breeding Arowana fish and supplying them to aquarium enthusiasts all over the world.

In the past few years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best quality and healthiest Arowana fish. We take great care in making sure each of our fish is healthy and free from disease.

We also use natural methods to breed our fish, which helps keep them in the best condition.

Our main goal

Our goal is to provide the highest quality Arowana fish to our customers so they can enjoy them in their homes.

We supply Quality and healthy Grade Arowanas with guaranteed delivery, flower horn, etc, and tanks for sale at affordable prices. Each is equipped with a chip and certificate to comply with CITES.

Ability to ship

We can ship Arowana fish to any part of the country without any issues. All our fishes have the necessary documents and CITES. This allows them to be transported to any part of the world.

We will provide a signed copy of the Bill of Sales. We will ensure the safe delivery of your fish. If anything happens to the fish during transit, please send them back immediately. We will offer a replacement or refund.

How we ship and deliver Arowana

arowana fish tank

Arowana types

Our farm breeds different types of Arowanas like red, green, golden, silver, and black Arowanas. We also provide a detailed description of each fish, including its size, color, and price. We also guarantee that all our Fishes are free from disease and genetic defects.

To ensure the health and safety of our Fish, we provide a special diet for each type of Arowana. We also provide instructions on how to care for them, such as how to feed and maintain their tank. We also have a team of experts who are available to answer any questions you may have about your Arowana. In addition, we offer a one-year warranty on all our fish, which covers any health issues.

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