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In the range of our medium sized fishes are also available these rarely found Arapaima arowans. These Arapaima Arowans are one of the very attractive and beautiful fishes which have got a shining black color.

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The Arapaima, a type of Arowana Fish, is a popular choice for aquarists. However, it is not suitable for everyone. It is especially not the best option compared to other species such as Featherback Knifefishes.

They require a large aquarium, with well-filtered, oxygenated water that is kept at a steady temperature. They also require plenty of live food, such as worms, crustaceans, and other small fish. Although they are beautiful fish, they can also be aggressive, so they should not be kept with other fish.

For the serious hobbyist with the resources to commit, keeping Arowana fish can be an enjoyable and rewarding endeavor. We offer a selection of Arapaima Arowana in varying sizes and in great health.

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Silver Arowana

Shipping Arapaima Arowana Fish to the United States requires special care. They must be fed properly and placed in their tank with caution. Delivery must be done in a way that ensures the safety of the fish.

These majestic and attractive creatures boast a captivating dark coloration that is truly eye-catching. Arapaima Arowana Fish are known for their graceful and energetic movements, often seen gracefully gliding and swimming through the water.

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Golden Arowana

All of the decorations afterward draw attention to the aquarium.

We created this website for you. You can use it to find out more about us and the fish.

We are committed to providing the highest quality service. Invest in a Gold Head Arowana today!

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River monsters Fish

Our paima Arowanas are bred in the best possible conditions and raised in the cleanest environment. We make sure that the fish have all the essential nutrients to keep them healthy and happy. We also make sure that the tank is equipped with all the necessary equipment for the fish.

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We provide a variety of sizes and types of Arowanas so that you can choose the perfect one for your home. We offer several popular types of Arowanas. These include Silver Arowana Fish, Asian Red Arowana Fish, and Super Red Arowana Fish.

All our arapaima fish for sale are bred and raised in the most natural environments and are safe for human consumption. We guarantee the quality of our Arowanas and promise to deliver them to your doorstep in the best condition. Our website offers helpful information and tips on how to care for these Arowanas. This will help you to keep them healthy and happy for a long time.

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4-6 inch=$210, 8-10 inch=$420

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  1. Maggie H

    Nice pet

  2. Terry

    I have been trying to order this but it was out of stock and now that it’s available i don’s have money 🙁

  3. Fiere Man

    I got mine here last week and it’s doing great!

  4. Danny

    I have ordered 5 fishes of this spacers and am trying to breed

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