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Frequently asked questions

How long does it takes to deliver?

Delivery depends on the option you choose, If you choose 3 days standard delivery then we shall deliver in 3 days.

Do you provide a tracking number?

Yes, we provide a tracking number to all orders before delivery. Once you place your order, we shall process it and get back to you with a tracking number once it's shipped.

How long does express delivery takes?

Once you go to the checkout page and choose your location, you shall see details and the length of time it takes to deliver to your address.

Do i have to sign before receiving my pet?

Yes, a signature is mandatory to prove that we have delivered your pet to your address.

What is the fastest delivery option to Europe?

We can do 3 days express delivery to Europe which is the fastest.

What if my order don't arrive or deliver on time?

First, we always make sure that we do our delivery on time, if you pay for express delivery and your pet does not arrive on time then we shall refund your shipping fee. Also if we don't deliver at all due to the loss of a pet on the way, we shall reship another or refund your money.

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