Entrega de Arowana

We ship worldwide and all our deliveries are 100% guaranteed. All our fish are equipped with chips and certificates to comply with CITES and we grow the best Arowana brand well known in the International market. the wide range of the best Arowana ( captive bred) varieties starting from standard to contest qualities. Hence, all our fish are electronically tagged with a microchip (bearing a unique number) near their stomach wall., shipping sizes are 3-4″, 7-8’’,15-18. To order, you must revert with Consignee’s name, order, and shipping details or Click here For our Available Arowana for sale with prices. We also offer tracking numbers after prior shipping.

arowana en el tanque


Shipping Arowana

Arowana fish is placed in a plastic box before shipping. The box is filled with oxygen to keep the fish alive and healthy during transit. The plastic box is placed inside a styrofoam box. A cold pack is added to the box to keep the water at a stable temperature.

The styrofoam box is then placed in a cardboard box and shipped. Upon delivery, check the Arowana fish for signs of stress or illness. Also, test the water for any irregularities. Open the cardboard box right away.

Transfer the plastic box to a tank or container. Ensure the temperature and water parameters match the fish’s original environment.

Leave the fish in the tank for at least 30 minutes. This will give it time to adjust to its new environment. After the acclimation period, the Arowana can be released into its permanent tank.